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The protein encoded by this gene is an exceedingly potent mediator of new blood vessel formation. It hydrolyzes cellular tRNAs resulting in decreased protein synthesis and is similar to pancreatic ribonuclease. In addition, the mature peptide has antimicrobial activity against some bacteria and fungi, including S. pneumoniae and C. albicans. Alternative splicing results in two transcript variants encoding the same protein. This gene and the gene that encodes ribonuclease, RNase A family, 4 share promoters and 5' exons. Each gene splices to a unique downstream exon that contains its complete coding region.
Protein class

Cancer-related genes, Disease related genes, Human disease related genes, Plasma proteins

Predicted location


Single cell type specificity

Cell type enriched (Hepatocytes)

Immune cell specificity

Immune cell enhanced (classical monocyte, myeloid DC)

Cell line specificity

Group enriched (Hep G2, OE19)


Homodimer (PubMed:25372031). Interacts with and forms a tight 1:1 complex with RNH1. Dimerization of two such complexes may occur.

Molecular function

Developmental protein, DNA-binding, Endonuclease, Hydrolase, Nuclease, Protein synthesis inhibitor

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