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This gene encodes a member of the annexin family, a group of calcium-dependent phospholipid-binding proteins. Annexins have unique N-terminal domains and conserved C-terminal domains, which contain the calcium-dependent phospholipid-binding sites. The encoded protein is a 56-kD antigen recognized by sera from patients with various autoimmune diseases. Several transcript variants encoding two different isoforms have been identified.
Protein class

Cancer-related genes, Disease related genes, Human disease related genes, Plasma proteins, Potential drug targets, Transporters

Predicted location


Single cell type specificity

Low cell type specificity

Immune cell specificity

Immune cell enhanced (eosinophil)

Cell line specificity

Low cell line specificity


Interacts with S100A6 (PubMed:28469040). Interacts with PDCD6 in a calcium-dependent manner. Interacts with KIF23 during cytokinesis.

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