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The pituitary glycoprotein hormone family includes follicle-stimulating hormone, luteinizing hormone, chorionic gonadotropin, and thyroid-stimulating hormone. All of these glycoproteins consist of an identical alpha subunit and a hormone-specific beta subunit. This gene encodes the beta subunit of follicle-stimulating hormone. In conjunction with luteinizing hormone, follicle-stimulating hormone induces egg and sperm production. Alternative splicing results in two transcript variants encoding the same protein. [provided by RefSeq, Jul 2008]
Protein class

Cancer-related genes, Disease related genes, Human disease related genes

Predicted location


Single cell type specificity

Not detected

Immune cell specificity

Not detected in immune cells

Cell line specificity

Not detected


Heterodimer. The active follitropin is a heterodimer composed of an alpha chain/CGA shared with other hormones and a unique beta chain/FSHB shown here.

Molecular function


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