Myocyte enhancer factor 2 (MEF2) is one of the family members of the MADS box (MCMI, agamous, deficiens and serum response factor). The protein structure of MEF2 is divided into N-terminus and C-terminus, and the N-terminus contains a MADS-box domain unique to one MADS family member and one MEF2 domain unique to MEF2 factor. The MADS-box domain consists of 57 amino acids and is highly conserved across species. The MEF2 domain consists of 29 amino acids adjacent to the MADS-box. Its main function is to increase the affinity for binding to the A/T sequence in the target DNA regulatory region, and as a site for interaction between MEF2 and other cofactors. Dimerization of the MADS-box protein transcriptionally activates the expression of muscle-specific genes. The C-terminus of MEF2 is an active transcribed region, and the conserved region at the end contains a potential phosphorylation site, which is a target site involved in the initiation of gene expression-associated kinases. Different types of MEF2 proteins are formed due to different alternative splicing methods. MEF2 has a wide range of functions and plays an important role in muscle formation, neurodevelopment, and liver fibrosis.
Myocyte enhancer factor 2d (MEF2D) is an intracellular transcription factor that exerts various physiological functions. According to the literature, the development of MEF2D in skeletal muscle myocardium, nervous tissue and the immune system and the maintenance of normal physiological functions Play an important function. The myocyte enhancer factor 2 family (MEF2) is a class of intracellular transcription factors that play a variety of physiological functions, including MEF2A, MEF2B, MEF2C and MEF2D4 members. As a member of this family, MEP2D plays an important role in the development of skeletal muscle, myocardium, nervous tissue and the immune system and the maintenance of normal physiological functions. Like other important development-related factors, MEF2D is also involved in cancer.

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