H-2Kd/Human GPC3 (EYILSLEEL) MHC Pentamer (CAT#: MHC-YF468)

MHC pentamers have a high avidity for CD8 T cells, and can be used in the analysis of individual antigen-specific T cells. This product is a MHC pentamer of peptide/MHC complex composed GPC3-derived peptide of EYILSLEEL sequence covering 298-306 and H-2Kd molecule. The peptide/MHC pentamer provided here is unlabelled or fluorescent labelled, such as Biotin, R-PE, APC. All products are available in 50, 150 and 500 tests.

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Subcellular Location
RNA Expression


  • Allele
  • H-2Kd
  • Class
  • Class I
  • Antigen
  • GPC3
  • Antigen Species
  • Human
  • Peptide
  • Range
  • 298-306
  • Conjugate
  • Unlabeled, Biotin, R-PE, APC
  • Application
  • FCM


  • Antigen Introduction
  • Cell surface heparan sulfate proteoglycans are composed of a membrane-associated protein core substituted with a variable number of heparan sulfate chains. Members of the glypican-related integral membrane proteoglycan family (GRIPS) contain a core protein anchored to the cytoplasmic membrane via a glycosyl phosphatidylinositol linkage. These proteins may play a role in the control of cell division and growth regulation. The protein encoded by this gene can bind to and inhibit the dipeptidyl peptidase activity of CD26, and it can induce apoptosis in certain cell types. Deletion mutations in this gene are associated with Simpson-Golabi-Behmel syndrome, also known as Simpson dysmorphia syndrome. Alternative splicing results in multiple transcript variants. [provided by RefSeq, Sep 2009]
  • Alternative Names
  • Glypican 3; Intestinal Protein OCI-5; Glypican Proteoglycan 3; GTR2-2; MXR7; Heparan Sulphate Proteoglycan; Secreted Glypican-3; Glypican-3;


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Single-domain Antibody

CAT Product Name Application Type
NABG-069 Recombinant Anti-Mouse Gpc3 VHH Single Domain Antibody WB, ELISA, IHC, FuncS Llama VHH
TAB-416CQ Anti-Human GPC3 Therapeutic Single Domain Antibody (HN3) IP, IHC, FuncS, WB, ELISA, Inhib Single domain antibody


CAT Product Name Application Type
AGTO-G035E Anti-Gpc3 immunotoxin (scFv)-PE Cytotoxicity assay, Function study

Chimeric Antibody

CAT Product Name Application Type
TAB-157CT Human Anti-GPC3 Recombinant Antibody (TAB-157CT) ELISA, FC, IHC, WB Chimeric (mouse/human) IgG1
TAB-158CT Human Anti-GPC3 Recombinant Antibody (TAB-158CT) ELISA, FC, IHC, WB Chimeric (mouse/human) IgG1
TAB-157CT-S(P) Mouse Anti-GPC3 Recombinant Antibody; scFv Fragment (TAB-157CT-S(P)) ELISA, FC, IHC, WB Mouse scFv
TAB-157CT-F(E) Human Anti-GPC3 Recombinant Antibody; Fab Fragment (TAB-157CT-F(E)) ELISA, FC, IHC, WB Chimeric (mouse/human) Fab
TAB-158CT-F(E) Human Anti-GPC3 Recombinant Antibody; Fab Fragment (TAB-158CT-F(E)) ELISA, FC, IHC, WB Chimeric (mouse/human) Fab

Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody

CAT Product Name Application Type
MOR-1486 Hi-Affi™ Rabbit Anti-GPC3 Recombinant Antibody (clone DS1486AB) IHC-P Rabbit IgG

ADCC Enhanced Antibody

CAT Product Name Application Type
AFC-TAB-H14 Afuco™ Anti-GPC3 ADCC Recombinant Antibody (Codrituzumab), ADCC Enhanced FuncS, IF, Neut, ELISA, FC, IP ADCC enhanced antibody

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