PE-DRB1*02:01/Human HLA-A (VGSDWRFLRGYHQYA) MHC Tetramer (CAT#: MHC-LC1067)

This product is a tetramer of biotinylated peptide/MHC complex with streptavidin mainly composed of HLA-A-derived peptide of VGSDWRFLRGYHQYA covering 127-141 and DRB1*02:01 molecule. The pMHC tetramer recognizes CD4 T cells, and can be used in the analysis of individual antigen-specific T cells.

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Subcellular Location

RNA Expression


  • Allele
  • DRB1*02:01
  • Class
  • Class II
  • Antigen
  • HLA-A2
  • Antigen Species
  • Human
  • Peptide
  • Range
  • 127-141
  • Conjugate
  • PE
  • Application
  • FCM


  • Antigen Introduction
  • HLA-A belongs to the HLA class I heavy chain paralogues. This class I molecule is a heterodimer consisting of a heavy chain and a light chain (beta-2 microglobulin). The heavy chain is anchored in the membrane. Class I molecules play a central role in the immune system by presenting peptides derived from the endoplasmic reticulum lumen. They are expressed in nearly all cells. The heavy chain is approximately 45 kDa and its gene contains 8 exons. Exon 1 encodes the leader peptide, exons 2 and 3 encode the alpha1 and alpha2 domains, which both bind the peptide, exon 4 encodes the alpha3 domain, exon 5 encodes the transmembrane region, and exons 6 and 7 encode the cytoplasmic tail. Polymorphisms within exon 2 and exon 3 are responsible for the peptide binding specificity of each class one molecule. Typing for these polymorphisms is routinely done for bone marrow and kidney transplantation. Hundreds of HLA-A alleles have been described.
  • Alternative Names
  • HLA-A; Major histocompatibility complex, class I, A; HLAA


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Fab Fragment Antibody

CAT Product Name Application Type
MOB-500-F(E) Recombinant Anti-human HLA-A Antibody Fab Fragment Neut, IF, FuncS Fab
MHH-500-F(E) Recombinant Human Anti-human HLA-A Antibody Fab Fragment WB, IF, FuncS Fab
PFBC-072 Human Anti-HLA-A Recombinant Antibody (clone HYB3); Fab Fragment WB, ELISA Human Fab
HPAB-1096WJ-F(E) Mouse Anti-HLA-A Recombinant Antibody; Fab Fragment (HPAB-1096WJ-F(E)) ELISA Mouse Fab

scFv Fragment Antibody

CAT Product Name Application Type
MOB-500-S(P) Recombinant Anti-human HLA-A Antibody scFv Fragment ELISA, WB, IF, FuncS scFv
MHH-500-S(P) Recombinant Human Anti-human HLA-A Antibody scFv Fragment ELISA, WB, FuncS scFv
PSBC-072 Human Anti-HLA-A Recombinant Antibody (clone HYB3); scFv Fragment WB, ELISA Human scFv
HPAB-1096WJ-S(P) Mouse Anti-HLA-A Recombinant Antibody; scFv Fragment (HPAB-1096WJ-S(P)) ELISA Mouse scFv

Recombinant Antibody

CAT Product Name Application Type
MHH-500 Recombinant Human Anti-human HLA-A Antibody ELISA, IP, FuncS IgG
PABC-072 Human Anti-HLA-A Recombinant Antibody (clone HYB3) WB, ELISA, IF, FC Human IgG
MOB-2307MZ Recombinant Mouse Anti-Human HLA-A Antibody (clone 9.M.208), Biotin-Conjugated FC, ICC/IF Mouse antibody
MRO-0996-CN Rabbit Anti-HLA-A Recombinant Antibody (clone JF10-38) WB, IF, IHC, FC Rabbit IgG
FAMAB-1361CQ Mouse Anti-HLA-A Recombinant Antibody (clone YTH 862.2) IP, FC, IF Mouse IgG1


CAT Product Name Application Type
AGTO-L022F anti-HLA-A immunotoxin Fib75 (IgG)-α-sar Cytotoxicity assay, Functional assay

Human Antibody

CAT Product Name Application Type
PABX-105 Recombinant Human Anti-HLA-A Antibody (T1) WB, ELISA, FuncS IgG
PABX-105-S (P) Recombinant Human Anti-HLA-A Antibody scFv Fragment (T1) WB, ELISA, FuncS scFv

MHC Tetramer for Other Applications

CAT Product Name Application Type
MHC-LC594 E*01:03/Human HLA-A leader 3-11 (VMAPRTLVL) MHC Tetramer FCM
MHC-LC595 E*01:01/Human HLA-A leader 3-11 (VMAPRTLVL) MHC Tetramer FCM
MHC-LC646 E*01:03/Human HLA-A*02, A*24 leader R5K (VMAPKTLVL) MHC Tetramer FCM
MHC-LC647 E*01:01/Human HLA-A*02, A*24 leader R5K (VMAPKTLVL) MHC Tetramer FCM
MHC-YF184 HLA-E*01:01/Human HLA-A (VMAPRTLVL) MHC Monomer MHC Multimer

MHC Tetramer for Cancer

CAT Product Name Application Type
MHC-LC1069 BV421-DRB1*02:01/Human HLA-A (VGSDWRFLRGYHQYA) MHC Tetramer FCM
MHC-LC4476 PE-B*15:01/Human HLA-A (VGYVDDTQF) MHC Tetramer FCM
MHC-LC4477 PE-B*58:01/Human HLA-A (VGYVDDTQF) MHC Tetramer FCM

Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody

CAT Product Name Application Type
MOR-1617 Rabbit Anti-HLA-A Recombinant Antibody (clone DS1617AB) FC, ICC, IF, IHC-Fr, IHC-P, IP, WB Rabbit IgG

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* Abbreviations
3D IHC3D Immunohistochemistry
Cell ScreeningCell Screening
SeparationCell Separation
ChIPChromatin Immunoprecipitation
CMCDComplement Mediated Cell Depletion
DBDot Blot
EMElectron Microscopy
ELISAEnzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay
ELISPOTEnzyme-linked Immunosorbent Spot
FCFlow Cytometry
FuncSFunctional Assay
GSGel Super Shift Assay
REImmunohistology - Resin Sections
IRMAImmunoradiometric Assay
SHIn situ hybridization
ICFCIntracellular Staining for Flow Cytometry
KO/KD-WBKnockout/Knockdown target confirmation by Western Blot
CyTOF®Mass Cytometry
MeDIPMethylated DNA Immunoprecipitation
RIRadial Immunodiffusion
SPRSurface Plasmon Resonance
WBWestern Blot

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