Recombinant Anti-human RAS Intrabody [(D-Arg)9] (CAT#: IAB-B009(A))

Recombinant anti-RAS intrabody linked to (D-Arg)9 works within cells to bind human RAS, expressed in E. coli cells. An intracellular antibody constructed by the single chain antibody can inhibit proliferations and invasion abilities of the human tumor cells with highly expressed p21ras proteins.

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  • Immunogen
  • human Kirsten rat sarcoma viral oncogene homolog
  • Host Species
  • human
  • Type
  • scFv-(D-Arg)9
  • Cell Penetrating Peptide
  • (D-Arg)9
    It has been proven that polyarginine peptides composed of nine arginine amino acids (Arg-9) are able to translocate across cells very efficiently. This raises the question if molecular dynamics simulations would show a similar pathway for this highly hydrophilic and charged peptide as predicted for the Tat peptide. The simplicity of Arg-9 over other CPPs also helps isolate the role of the Arg sidechain on the translocation without the effect of other sidechains. Therefore, in this work we study computationally the translocation of Arg-9 through a lipid bilayer and show that the translocation mechanism is the same as for the Tat peptide.
  • Species Reactivity
  • human
  • Applications
  • Can be useful in applications such as: Western blot; Coimmunopricipation; Functional studies

Product Property

  • Purity
  • >90% assessed by SDS-PAGE
  • Storage
  • ≤6 months at 4°C; ≥6 months at -20°C.


  • Alternative Names
  • KRAS; Kirsten rat sarcoma viral oncogene homolog; NS; NS3; CFC2; KRAS1; KRAS2; RASK2; KI-RAS; C-K-RAS; K-RAS2A; K-RAS2B; K-RAS4A; K-RAS4B; GTPase KRas; K-Ras 2; c-Ki-ras; oncogene KRAS2; K-ras p21 protein; c-Kirsten-ras protein; PR310 c-K-ras oncogene; tr

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Product Notes

This is a product of Creative Biolabs' Hi-Affi™ recombinant antibody portfolio, which has several benefits including:

• Increased sensitivity
• Confirmed specificity
• High repeatability
• Excellent batch-to-batch consistency
• Sustainable supply
• Animal-free production

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CAT Product Name Application Type
IAB-B009(G) Recombinant Anti-human RAS Intrabody [+36 GFP] IF, ELISA, FuncS scFv-(+36GFP)
IAB-B009(T) Recombinant Anti-human RAS Intrabody [Tat] FC, IF, FuncS scFv-Tat

Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody

CAT Product Name Application Type
MOR-3006 Hi-Affi™ Recombinant Rabbit Anti-Ras Monoclonal Antibody (DS3006AB) WB, ICC/IF IgG

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