Tregalizumab (TAB-260)

Recombinant monoclonal antibody to CD4. Tregalizumab is an immunomodulator. It binds to CD4.      

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Figure 1 Tregalizumab is able to activate the suppressive capacity of regulatory T cells.

(A) Tregs were isolated and pre-incubated with plate-bound tregalizumab, OKT-3 mAb, or medium and transferred to a mixed lymphocyte reaction using allogeneic, CD3-depleted, irradiated PBMCs to activate the proliferation of Teffs. (B) The proliferation of allogenic stimulated Teffs with tregalizumab pretreated Tregs is shown compared with the proliferation without Tregs. (C) Tregalizumab engages the TCR signaling pathway. Incubation of Tregs with tregalizumab evokes signaling events in Tregs that mimic a signal through the T cell receptor complex without the need for direct CD3 or TCR stimulation. T cell receptor complex signaling represents a crucial event in the activation of Tregs since blockade of the corresponding signaling pathway resulted in the loss of suppressive activity of Tregs. Tregalizumab delivers a comparable signal as usually conferred by TCR binding in Tregs, resulting in activation/phosphorylation of the T cell receptor downstream signaling molecule ZAP-70 (ζ-chain-associated protein). This event leads to signals that finally trigger internalization of the tregalizumab–CD4 complex. As a consequence, CD4 expression levels on CD4+ T cells are downmodulated by tregalizumab in the physiological setting. This downmodulation causes a transient decrease of CD4 molecules on the cell surface, which is followed by a recovery of expression levels over time.

König, M., Rharbaoui, F., Aigner, S., Dälken, B., & Schüttrumpf, J. (2016). Tregalizumab–a monoclonal antibody to target regulatory T cells. Frontiers in immunology, 7, 11.

Figure 2 PK/PD of CD4 "Tregalizumab".

(A) PK/PD model was established to predict time course of CD4 downmodulation (% of baseline) after weekly dosing. (B) Mean CD4 downmodulation on CD4 T cells per dose group. CD4 modulation (±SEM) was measured by FACS analysis at weeks 0, 2, 4, 6, 8, 12, 16, and 24 just prior to the next dosing.

König, M., Rharbaoui, F., Aigner, S., Dälken, B., & Schüttrumpf, J. (2016). Tregalizumab–a monoclonal antibody to target regulatory T cells. Frontiers in immunology, 7, 11.

Recombinant fragment (Human) corresponding to the external domain.
Humanized (from mouse)
IgG1 - kappa
Tested positive against native human antigen.
Species Reactivity
WB, ELISA, FC, IP, FuncS, IF, Neut
Generic Name
Related Disease
Application Notes
The CD4 antibody has been reported in applications of Activ, PK.
Alternative Names
Tregalizumab; 1207446-68-1; BT-061; BT061; CD4; CD4 molecule; CD4 antigen (p55) , T cell surface glycoprotein CD4; T-cell surface glycoprotein CD4
Entrez Gene ID
UniProt ID

For lab research use only, not for diagnostic, therapeutic or any in vivo human use.

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