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Biophysical/Biochemical Characterization

With the availability of various analytical techniques, certified technical staff and numerous state-of-the-art instruments, Creative Biolabs now provides customers a comprehensive package of biophysical and biochemical characterization service to meet your ADC development goal in the most cost and time efficient manner.

Biophysical/biochemical characterization

Antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs), harnessing the exquisite selectivity of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) to achieve targeted delivery of cytotoxic drugs, have shown tremendous potential in treating cancers. The design goal of an ADC is to maximize delivery of the cell-killing agent to the target tissue while minimizing the toxic effect to normal tissue. In order to perform a successful development of ADCs, it is critical to have a clear understanding of ADCs biophysical and biochemical properties and choose the appropriate analytical methods to assess and monitor them during the whole manufacturing process.

It is exactly the reason why Creative Biolabs put great efforts to integrate such an ADC analysis platform, and we are dedicated to offering every customer excellent ADC biophysical and biochemical profiles. An ADC molecule consists of three totally different components, monoclonal antibody, cytotoxic drug and chemical linker, contributing to a more complex and heterogeneous structure than the corresponding antibodies, while each component is indispensable for the therapeutic effect of ADCs. In detail, linker is responsible for the conjugation and stability of the whole molecule, as well as being capable of releasing the payload at the desired site; the antibody part is used to achieve target delivery and limit off-target toxicity by leveraging its antigenic specificity; the drugs, also known as toxin payloads, are a series of small-molecule high cytotoxic drugs acting as warheads to perform the tumor killing effects. Therefore, it is of great importance to analyze the biophysical and biochemical properties of both the components independently and the ADC molecule as a whole.

According to the specific information of an ADC as well as the requirements of clients, experienced scientists from Creative Biolabs will provide a custom service with the most appropriate methods to analyze your ADC products. The solubility of ADC molecules, the drug load properties, the linker properties, the specific sites of drug binding properties, the target site-specificity and binding properties of the mAb are all included in our ADC biophysical/biochemical characterization profiles. Various analytical techniques such as SDS-PAGE, CE, IEC, RP-HPLC, LC-MS, ELISA are all available.

Customers choosing our ADC biophysical/biochemical characterization platform will benefit from our advanced equipments, profound expertise and enriched experience. Creative Biolabs is committed to offering top-quality ADC biophysical/biochemical analysis services.

The analysis services of ADC we can offer include but not limited to:

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