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Universal ADC for High-throughput Screen

The strategy of universal ADC is efficient and effective to detect monoclonal antibodies for cell internalization and drug delivery that are important in ADC technology. Similarly to ADC production, universal ADC is developed by conjugating secondary antibodies to high-potency drugs via anappropriate linker. Now Creative Biolabs provides this technology to assist our clients in ADC development.

Universal ADC for high-throughput screen Figure: Mechanisms of antibody screen: traditional method & universal ADC

Antibody drug conjugates have become a new strategy against various diseases including cancers. It combines the specificity of a monoclonal antibody with the cytotoxicity of a payload. In ADC development, to identify successful antibodies is one of the most critical principles. The antibodies that can be a functional component of an ADC are capable of binding specifically to the antigen on the surface of target cells and then leading to internalization. In order to screen antibodies, there are established methods including tracking decline of surface-bound mAbs or by internalization of a secondary mAb linked to a toxin. These existing tools may not be optimal for homogeneous mAbs screening. Moreover, in order to test the function of ADCs, mAb is typically conjugated with payloads, which is requiring many mAbs and time consuming. Universal ADC is a quick and economical alternative strategy to discover antigen-selective internalizing mAbs as ADC candidates. A universal ADC is composed of a secondary antibody stably linked to cytotoxic agents via a linker. The universal ADC can bind mAbs and the internalization of the resulting mAb/universal ADC complex can achieve a similar effect within the cells as that of the direct ADCs. It can be used for antibody screening, even permitting the screening of heterogeneous mixture at low concentrations such as early, nonclonal hybridoma supernatants. In universal ADC-based assay, the naked mAbs or heterogeneous mixtures are added to the cells and in the presence of the universal ADC, internalizing primary mAbs are clearly identified. Moreover, the secondary antibody can also be conjugated to different payloads to test their cytotoxicity and select the final optional format of the desired ADCs.

Universal ADC is an optimized tool for antibody high-throughput pre-screening, which can facilitate your ADC development for scientific and clinical researches.

There are various strategies used for antibody modification and conjugation:

For research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.

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