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Chemical Conjugation

Creative Biolabs is professional in developing bispecific antibodies (BsAbs) via chemical conjugation. The chemical conjugation service offered by Creative Biolabs allows the generation of bispecific antibodies with high affinity for both academic and industrial purposes.

According to the specific antibody structure information and the client’s requirements, our BsAb experts could couple different monoclonal antibodies or antibody fragments with the most appropriate linker (e.g. the hetero-bifunctional or the homo-bifunctional chemical crosslinker) to produce bispecific antibodies in various formats.

chemical conjugation Figure: Generation of bispecific antibodies by chemical conjugation (Bispecific Antibodies, 2011)

The main procedures of developing BsAbs by using chemical conjugation include:

  1. Customers can choose various mAbs and antibody fragments available by us or using their own specific antibodies;
  2. Design an appropriate conjugation strategy including a suitable crosslinker and an optimal chemical reaction system
    We offer the following chemical crosslinkers:
    A. hetero-bifunctional chemical crosslinkers
        • SPDP/DTT
        • Traut’s reagent/SMCC
    B. homo-bifunctional chemical crosslinkers
        • DTNB
        • PDM
    C. special linkers provide by customers
  3. Scale-up production, purification and characterization

We offer a full range of technological approaches for bispecific antibody development:


  1. Roland E. Kontermann. Bispecific Antibodies: Developments and Current Perspectives. Bispecific Antibodies, 2011: 1-29.

For research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.

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