As a global provider in antibody field, Creative biolabs possesses unchallenged experience in recombinant antibody engineering. Based on our state-of-the art facilities and integrated multiple platforms, we can provide customers bispecific antibodies (BsAbs) with high quality and satisfactory operability for different diagnostic applications.

Bispecific antibodies are artificial molecules with affinity which can simultaneously bind two different antigens. For diagnostic propose, BsAbs can be designed to have two paratopes with one of them targeting an antigen while the other one targeting a detection molecule such as horse radish peroxidase (HRPO), alkaline phosphatase (AP), β-galactosidase, and radioisotopes. BsAbs have many advantages in diagnostics application, such as rapid reaction speed, maximum sensitivity, specific activity and functional efficiency. Therefore, BsAbs can be used in many applications including immunoassays, immunohistochemistry and radio-immunodiagnosis, for diagnosing bacterial or viral infections, and various cancers.

Scientists from different disciplines in Creative biolabs have been committed to recombinant antibody design and development for many years. We are capable of providing custom BsAbs services for clients according to their special request.

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