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Bispecific Antibody and Gene Therapy

Creative Biolabs has built up one-stop comprehensive protein engineering platforms for providing custom bispecific antibodies (BsAbs) services. Now we can design and offer BsAbs for gene therapy studies both in scientific and in clinical fields.

Bispecific Antibody and Gene Therapy Figure: BsAbs as tools for targeting gene therapy (Bispecific antibodies, 2011)

Gene therapy has been being studied for preventing or treating various diseases via transferring therapeutic genes. BsAbs can contribute to gene therapy through two approaches. Firstly, BsAbs can be developed to promote therapeutic gene vectors to be transferred into target cells. According to this strategy, an antibody with specificity for a vector antigen, such as a viral surface protein, is linked to the other antibody that recognizes its own target antigen on diseased cell. Therefore, the desired BsAb can act as a targeting adapter to ensure the targeted therapy efficiency and avoid side effects. Conversely, gene therapy can also be a tool for antibody delivery, as the therapeutic BsAbs genes can be incorporated into a gene transfer vector and then transferred into targeting cells. Compared with the traditional antibody therapy, this genetic antibody therapy has many advantages. It ensures sustained and efficient antibody concentration, which overcomes rapid antibody clearance. Meanwhile it has an ideal antibody biodistribution. The connection between BsAbs and gene therapy indicates BsAbs can be a potential strategy in gene therapy.

Based on years of experience in recombinant antibody engineering, state-of-art equipment and proprietary antibody techniques, Creative Biolabs can completely satisfy every client`s requirements about BsAbs.


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