With unchallenged experience in diabody (Db) synthesis, Creative Biolabs has long been well-known in the field of antibody production. We elaborately integrate our multiple platforms for providing customer a desired Db with high affinity and low immunogenicity for both academic and clinical purposes.

Figure: Diagram of the structure of diabody and derivatives

Usually, Db is comprised of two chains expressed separately, each of which consists of a VH from one antibody and a VL from another antibody. To improve the efficiency of the heterodimerization process, disulfide bond or knobs-and-holes is introduced into the variant domains. In addition, by tandem linking genes in each chain with internal linker, four VH and VL domains can be expressed in tandem and folded as single chain diabody (scDb), which is also an effective strategy for bispecific antibody producton. Furthermore, fusing recombinant variable domains to an Fc region or CH3 domain (scDb-Fc and scDb-CH3) can not only help the chain-pairing process, but also double the valency of the final product. Meanwhile, the increased size can also significantly prolong the half-life of Db in serum.

With its talented scientists and expert partners globally, Creative Biolabs is committed to providing Db and all of its derivatives targeting almost any pair of antigens with high-affinity.

Kontermann RE, Brinkmann U. Bispecific antibodies. Drug Discovery Today 2015.20(7):838-847.

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