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Dual-targeting IgG (DT-IgG)

As a comprehensive global biotech company, Creative Biolabs provides a first class dual-targeting IgG (DT-IgG) service. Our aim is to leverage our years of experience in antibody engineering research to assist our customers with their preclinical and clinical programs development.

Dual-targeting IgG (DT-IgG)

Our scientists can modify an antibody with two targets binding specificity, and thus this kind of Ab is named DT-IgG. This single bispecific antibody can save the cost and reduce the complexity of manufacturing, which is a popular strategy in preclinical and clinical studies. We provide DT-IgGs which can not only target a variety of tumor-associated antigens but also neutralize excrescent disease-related ligands and receptors to meet your specific requirements. Additionally, Creative Biolabs offers a series of validation tests of bispecific antibody. Our DT-IgGs can penetrate into tumors easily and perform the anti-tumor effect effectively.

Our dual targeting technology platform can be applied to bind the following targets:

  1. Direct targets like cell surface receptors or soluble factors
  2. Retargeting active units such as effector molecules or effector cells

For research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.

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