ScFv-Fab Fragments BsAb

scFv-Fab fragments bispecific antibody (BsAb) possesses unchallenged dominant position in both therapy and manufacture. Creative Biolabs has elaborately integrated multiple platforms for providing customers expected scFv-Fab fragments BsAbs with high affinity and low immunogenicity for both academic and clinical purposes.

Figure: Structure of scFv-Fab fragments bispecific BsAbs

One of the major problems affecting BsAb production is the unwanted mono-specific homodimers. To overcome this issue, scFv-Fab fragments BsAbs are developed by taking advantage of the naturally occurring pairing mechanism within Fab molecules or between them. For instance, in Fab-scFv BsAbs, a scFv fragment can be linked to a heavy chain or a Fab light chain of another antibody. Hence, the paring process of modified Fab single chains can result in the formation of a bisipecific bivalent antibody. Furthermore, scFv-added Fabs can also be linked together via disulfide bonds within their hinge regions to generate a bispecific tetravalent antibody, which is termed F(ab’)2-scFv2 antibody. Likewise, Fab-Fc fragment and scFv-Fc fragment with distinct specificity can also be paired through the interaction between Fc domains, which can form bispecific Fab-scFv-Fc antibody.

Based on the recombinant antibody synthesis platform and other integrated bio-engineering systems, Creative Biolabs can provide a budget and time-saving working procedure for scFv-Fab fragments BsAbs generation. We have the confidence in providing customers with BsAb products targeting almost any antigen of interest with experimentally verified high-affinity.

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