ScFv Fragments BsAb

Based on its unchallenged experience in recombinant antibody synthesis, Creative Biolabs provides custom service for scFv fragments BsAb production with promised high affinity and low immunogenicity for both academic and clinical purposes.

Heterodimerizing two distinct single chains of IgG or its derivatives is a common strategy for obtaining a bispecific antibody. However, the hybrid products always contain homodimers contamination. To overcome this chain-pairing problem, diverse modifications are introduced into the constant regions of antibodies, the parts of which are not in charge of binding targets.

Figure: Forms of ScFv fragments BsAbs

"Knobs into Holes" (KIH) is the most famous one among these proven techniques. Creative Biolabs can significantly increase the effecient formation of heterodimers with a rate around 95% in both scFv-Fc and scFv-CH3 BsAb construction based on KIH method. Recently, other heterodimeric Fc variants have also been developed by using novel CH3 variant-pair strategies, including DD–KK variants, HA–TF variants and IgG/IgA strand-exchange engineered domains. All of these strategies can be applied in Creative Biolabs depending on customer’s requirements.

Other than these, another strategy is the scFv-CH-CL-scFv' BsAb, which is achieved by using Fc to facilitate heterodimerizing. The first scFv is either linked to a CH or a CL to construct the first scFv-Fc chain; the second scFv is linked to the CL from the same origin when the first scFv is linked to the CH, or vice versa. Consequently, specific recognizing and disulfide bond between CH and CL can lead to the proper heterodimerization.

Multiple platforms in Creative Biolabs are integrated as a budget and time-saving procedure to provide ScFv fragments BsAbs with experimentally confirmed high-affinity and cytotoxicity. Meanwhile, Creative Biolabs also offers reliable support in drug safety assessment and regulatory affairs.

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