Triplebody is a unique multi-specific fragments antibody which possesses proven effect in cancer therapy. With our multiple elaborately integrated platforms, Creative Biolabs can provide customer with an expected triplebody with high affinity and low immunogenicity.

Figure: Diagram of triplebody

Triplebody, also known as trispecific single-chain Fv fragments, consists of three tandem scFvs with three distinct specifcities. Triplebody has been applied in tumor therapy by targeting tumor cells with its three tumor-antigen specific Fvs. The incorporation of the third tumor-antigen binding scFv domain significantly increases the avidity for tumor cells, and consequently promotes the effect of antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity (ADCC). Meanwhile, the increased molecule size also prolongs the plasma retention of triplebodies in vivo.

In a budget and time-saving manner, Creative Biolabs provides custom synthesis procedure to provide triplebodies with high-affinity and confirmed cytotoxic effect. Our platforms for drug safety and immunogenicity assessment can further support your drug development in both basic research and clinical trial.

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