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As a superb provider in biotech market, Creative Biolabs uses cutting edge κλ-body bispecific approach to generate bispecific antibodies. Recent studies show that the κλ-body bispecific product is safe, and it has been proved to be effective in a number of preclinical models.

Schematic diagram of the synthesis of κλ-body Figure: Schematic diagram of the synthesis of κλ-body (Nat Commun, 2015)

To obtain the desired dual specificity, two Fvs or Fabs with distinct specificities are fused into one single peptide by linkers or other modifications. These foreign linkers or mutations may result in poor stability and increased potential immunogenicity. Hence, an ideal bispecific antibody should be similar, even identical, to the human IgG molecule. To achieve this goal, we design a κλ-body to current recombinant BsAbs. A κλ-body includes a common heavy chain and two light chains (one kappa and one lambda) with distinct specificities. Meanwhile, it is noteworthy that all of these fragments are integrated without any artificial mutations or linkers. Therefore, κλ-bodies with full human IgG backbone and intact Fc have got attractive characteristics including potent functions, extended half-life, long term storage, increased stability and ease of large scale manufacturing. Thus, κλ-bodies are considered to be a leading one among our diverse products.

As a leader in immune products and its related services, Creative Biolabs devotes itself to the development of novel bispecific antibody products. All of our efforts are made to improve therapy development and quality of life.


  1. Fischer et al., Exploiting light chains for the scalable generation and platform purification of native human bispecific IgG. Nat Commun. 2015 February 12; 6: 6113.

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