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Magic™ Insect Cell Expression Service

The Magic™ Insect Cell Expression Service of Creative Biolabs has established a first-rate eukaryotic expression service for numerous valuable biopharmaceuticals, especially for the excellent antibodies with an exponentially growing number. Our scientists have adopted the insect cell expression system combining with the great baculovirus technology a decade ago, and successfully produced hundreds of protein targets, including multiple enzymes, hormones, chemokines, growth factors, and complex antibodies. At Creative Biolabs, we offer the whole world a superior expression service to accelerate the scientific advancement.

Magic™ Insect Cell Expression Service

The Introduction and Application of Insect Cell Expression

As the application of insect cell and baculovirus emerged as a more advanced technology for bio-pharmaceuticals, our scientists of Magic™ Insect Cell Expression Service were so excited to integrate it into our superior expression service through year’s diligent trials and optimization. Generally, as a eukaryotic expression system, the insect cell-based technology is capable of generating more complex protein targets with almost all the excellent post-translational modification occurred in a mammalian cell, such as the phosphorylation, signal peptide processing, proteolytic process, acylation, carboxymethylation, correct disulfide bond formation, and glycosylation especially. Notably, insect cell provides proper N- and O-glycosylation almost identical to mammalian cells since the glycosylation pattern of biopharmaceuticals is extremely critical for their valuable activities. Meanwhile, insect cell also offers a high yield of heterologous protein with feasible and easy scale-up and high-density suspension culture for large-scale fermentation. Furthermore, the whole service provides either intracellular or secreting expression, which is ideal for toxic targets. In addition, the baculovirus manifests as a noninfectious bioagent of invertebrates due to the inactivation of promoters in mammalian cells. Thus, our Magic™ Insect Cell Expression Service manifests as a powerful and versatile expression service for superior products without the critical safety issue.

Advantages of Magic™ Insect Cell Expression Service

  1. High success rate with excellent yield and flexibility of scale-up via high-density suspension culture.
  2. Multiple superior libraries composed of baculovirus-based vectors, signal peptides, insect cell bank, and modification for specific requirement.
  3. Fabulous transfection technique, plaque purification, and high-titer virus production.
  4. Optimal cultivation and induction with the whole range of scales from 50 mL to 1000 L per batch.
  5. One-stop service: from initial design and optimization all the way down to purification and further modification with well recorded data and organized report.

Our superior service provides the whole series of services starting from the original strategy design and rapid construction of recombinant bacmids in E. coli all the way down to the subsequent screen and fermentation procedure. Particularly, the Magic™ Insect Cell Expression Service has established multiple superior libraries of baculovirus-based vectors and signal peptides, which guarantee the successful and robust expression from the beginning. Moreover, our service also possesses a wonderful insect cell bank composed of over 100 cell lines currently, including the most popular Sf9, Sf21, and High Five. All these cell lines are derived from different insect species, such as the fall armyworm Spodoptera frugiperda, Bombyx mori, Mamestra brassicae, Trichoplusia ni., and Drosophila melanogaster. Our scientists are dedicated to optimizing every parameter for successful transfection, plaque purification, producing a high titer of virus, plaque formation, and eventual expression. In addition to the creative high-density suspension fermentation at Creative Biolabs, we offer the whole world superior bio-pharmaceuticals without aggregates and misfolding protein.

Magic™ Insect Cell Expression Service

The Creative Biolabs has empirically established superior insect cell expression service ensuring efficient secretion and proper post-translational patterns. For more information, please contact us now.


  1. Contreras-Gómez, A., et al. "Protein production using the baculovirus-insect cell expression system." Biotechnology Progress 30.1 (2014): 1-18.

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