Magic™ Mammalian Cell Expression Service

The Magic™ Mammalian Cell Expression Service of Creative Biolabs is a first-rate eukaryotic expression service, which is dedicated to producing numerous difficult biopharmaceuticals and specific protein targets requiring particular modification in a mammalian cell for correct activity, including multiple enzymes, growth factors, hormones, chemokines, complex with multiple subunits, and demanding antibodies especially. Winging up with our decade’s professional experience, we offer the most superior mammalian cell expression service for your precious target.

Magic™ Mammalian Cell Expression Service

The Introduction and Application of Mammalian Cell Expression

Emerging as the most critical protein-producing factories, mammalian cells are the most suitable host for every biopharmaceutical and other protein targets derived from higher organisms and eventually consumed by them. Our Magic™ Mammalian Cell Expression Service has been dedicated to fulfilling the great mission with years’ diligent efforts. Now, we provide the whole world a superior mammalian expression service to produce almost every mammalian protein with appropriate post-translational modifications, such as the phosphorylation, glycosylation, disulfide bond, etc. As a wonderful result, the original and proper post-translational modification patterns stabilize the target structure via proper folding and assembly conserved in higher eukaryotic cells. Meanwhile, it greatly increases the half-life and significantly decreases the immunogenicity of the final product.

Advantages of Magic™ Mammalian Cell Expression Service

  1. The best expression feature combined with the most creative optimization and professional experience leading to a high-quality product with fabulous yield.
  2. Systematic library and toolbox addressing vector backbone, promoter, selective marker, intron enhancer, extracellular secretion or intracellular accumulation, signal peptide, codon optimization, affinity tag, proteolytic cleavage site, suitable cell line, and fermentation algorithm.
  3. Superior cell clone screen technology and optimal fermentation with the whole range of scales from 50 mL to 100 L per batch.
  4. One-stop service: from initial design and optimization all the way down to purification and further modification with well recorded data and organized report.

Begin with the original design of a suitable vector based on our vector library, our scientists offer the best construction with optimized vector backbone composed of a superior eukaryotic promoter, selective marker, polyadenylation, termination, intron enhancer, multiple cloning sites, etc. Particularly, multiple sophisticated translation control elements are designed to enhance target translation and facilitate proper secretion. For instance, the Kozak sequences surrounding the AUG start codon are able to be tuned sophisticatedly with varied strength. In addition to our huge library of the signal sequence, protein affinity tag, the proteolytic cleavage site, and stop codon, our Magic™ Mammalian Cell Expression Service is capable of offering the best combination for every specific protein target, especially antibody. Notably, our scientists have recognized the great importance of the 5’ and 3’ UTR and intron enhancer on the efficiency of translation and mRNA stability upon hundreds of successful targets produced on our service. Moreover, our Magic™ Mammalian Cell Expression Service has established a great cell bank for a particular target and high-yield screening. For instance, the popular Chinese hamster ovary cells (CHO) has successfully expressed the erythropoietin, plasminogen activation factor, multiple monoclonal antibodies and hormones (chorionic gonadotropin, luteinizing hormone, etc.). As the time flies, several cell lines have been applied for proper expressions, such as mouse myeloma, Hamster kidney (BHK), and Simian cell lines.

Magic™ Mammalian Cell Expression Service

At Creative Biolabs, our Magic™ Mammalian Cell Expression Service is the most professional service targeting the most difficult protein target with high yield and proper modifications. Furthermore, our fermentation service is extremely restricted for any contamination during the whole procedure, which firmly guards the critical biosafety requirement. Meanwhile, the Magic™ Mammalian Cell Expression Service also provides the transient expression and constitutive expression of a stable cell line. No doubt, we offer the best mammalian cell expression services in the world. If you have any question, contact us now.


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