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Magic™ Eukaryotic Algae Expression Service

The diligent scientists of Creative Biolabs have established a series of magic eukaryotic algae services with multiple suitable species designed sophisticatedly for superior polypeptide production such as industrial and research enzymes, chemokines, growth factors, functional peptides, and multiple antibodies especially. Meanwhile, our fabulous services have successfully produced hundreds of valuable targets in almost every biologic and pharmaceutical area with various excellent modifications and additional demands. Thus, we are proudly standing for the first-rate expression service with the best bioactivity combining superior yield in the world.

Magic™ Eukaryotic Algae Expression Service

As the research and pharmaceutical demands of complex proteins are growing exponentially in basic research, disease diagnosis, medical treatment, and even industrial applications, numerous creative scientists are dedicated to developing more advanced expression systems to significantly satisfy demanding requirements with more purity and lower expenditure. Thus, the Creative Biolabs established a series of magic eukaryotic algae services for the superior production of pharmaceuticals in the world.

Magic™ Chlamydomonas reinhardtii Expression Service of Creative Biolabs offers the ideal algae host for large-scale production of cutting-edge biopharmaceuticals with tremendous convenience and significance.

Magic™ Phaeodactylum tricornutum Expression Service of Creative Biolabs provides a magic diatom as the excellent expression algae to produce complex proteins, such as the majority of antibodies and relatively large enzymes with complicated structure.

Although these two algae species are the most popular hosts applicable currently, our diligent scientists of Creative Biolabs are still looking for other incredible algae species possessing more fabulous merits for more applications. Meanwhile, we are also pleased to test specific algae species recommended by researchers. Undoubtedly, the superior services of Creative Biolabs proudly offer the best algae expression service in the whole world. If you have any question, please contact us now.


  1. Hempel, Franziska, et al. "Algae as protein factories: expression of a human antibody and the respective antigen in the diatom Phaeodactylum tricornutum." PloS one 6.12 (2011): e28424.

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