Magic™ Transgenic Animal Expression Service

The Magic™ Transgenic Animal Expression Service of Creative Biolabs is established sophisticatedly for high-value biopharmaceuticals, especially for multiple formats of therapeutic antibodies. Accumulated for years of constant trials, our creative scientists have successfully achieved multiple complex recombinant antibodies by our transgenic animal expression systems. Now, the excellent service is open for numerous protein targets with the tremendous potential of basic structure-functional research and therapeutic purpose all over the world.

Magic™ Transgenic Animal Expression Service

The Introduction and Application of Transgenic Animal Expression

Since the emerging of more and more biopharmaceutical demands over research and therapeutic purposes, the eventual production in a whole appropriate animal has been recognized as the best expression host for numerous functional proteins, especially for all kinds of antibodies consumed for superior treatment of vicious disease. Although the expression technologies have widely applied for antibody production from a number of microorganisms all the way to mammalian cell culture along with advancements in molecule design and downstream process, the critical quantity and stability of some the most valuable antibodies are still insufficient for the exponentially growing demand. Thus, the Magic™ Transgenic Animal Expression Service of Creative Biolabs has built up a fabulous service targeting precious antibodies by multiple transgenic animals to greatly increase the scale and minimize the expenditure of labor and fermentation facilities.

Advantages of Magic™ Transgenic Animal Expression Service

  1. Excellent purity and yield processed from animal peripheral blood or milk.
  2. The whole spectrum of advanced technologies and sophisticatedly designed equipment guarantee considerably high success rate and further modification.
  3. Swift propagation to achieve a significant number of transgenic animals for sufficient production.
  4. One-stop service: from initial design and optimization all the way down to purification and further modification with well recorded data and organized report.

Our creative transgenic animal expression systems take advantage of the native B cell population in host animals to produce secreted biopharmaceuticals either in their peripheral blood or milk. For instance, the Magic™ Transgenic Animal Expression Service has successfully produced a bispecific single-chain antibody in both the serum and mild of a transgenic cattle herd. Generally, our scientists rearranged the VH and VL of the target and introduced the artificial fragment into fertilized cattle oocytes without disruption of their endogenous Ig gene arrangement. Subsequently, our service purified sufficient amounts product with excellent purity for therapeutic application. Moreover, we are capable of constructing artificial bacterial, yeast, and human chromosomes to acquire optimal production by general endogenous Ig silence or site-specific integration of host animals. Nowadays, our service is superior to produce a stable and continuous yield with great flexibility of scale-up among multiple livestock species.

Magic™ Transgenic Animal Expression Service

No doubt, the Magic™ Transgenic Animal Expression Service offers the best transgenic animal expression services for complex recombinant antibodies more stable and fully active together with considerable amounts. In addition to multiple downstream modifications we providing, our service stands for the superior biopharmaceutical production in the world. If you have any question, please contact us now.


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